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    I start a new season with Tottenham on Saturday. However, my team did not play any matches. When
    game time arrives and the game does not start. this is the second time that the timer restarts against the same opponent. I plan to help, as I've already spent a lot of money on the game if I don't want my full refund.

  • @tauan-atos There is something called pre-season where your season doesn't actually start until four days later. This enables you to buy and sell players on the transfer list, play friendlies and basically prepare your team before their first match.

    Are you sure that you aren't within these preparation days and therefore are not playing any matches?

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    @gary-gomes Thanks Gary...

    @tauan-atos Hello mate...as Gary said above, you are probably talking for your S2 account, where you haven't played any matches yet, cause it seems that you are on preparation days...in these 4days, you can build your team, make some transfers and try some systems playing friendlies with other managers....