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    I wanted to unlock the challenge "Manager in America" - to play a league season in each America's country.
    I played seasons in Argentina, Boliwia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Canada, Columbia, Costa-Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, USA A, USA B, Urugay and Venezuela.
    These are all countries possible but still this challenged is not unlocked.

    There are leagues that I didn't play like USA II league (both A and B), Mexico II league, Brizilian II league and Argentinian II A and II B divisions.
    What is the problem? Should I play one season in one of the second leagues mentioned above?
    Please help me with it.

  • Hi,

    You need to play and reach the goal in ALL leagues for American continent. You still miss:

    • Brazil (played, but didn't reached the goal)
    • Costa Rica (didn't played)
    • Uruguay (played, but didn't reached the goal)