OSM dont want to bann the Cheater

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    Hi everyone,

    i want to know, why OSM dont want to do anything with this guy.

    As you can see, i have marked some positions.
    This manager sells 4 times a Player for the maximum price to a manager who joins befor and leaves directly after the transfers.

    The Cheater always buys at the same time a player he needs.....

    He also buyed a Player for minimum price and the Manager who sold him this player lefts the League after that...

    I dont know why but the OSM-Team sad 2 times "not enough evidence"

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    Cheating will never be reported, discussed or handled through forums.

    Because you say that someone is cheating doesn't mean that they really are, and If both your reports ended with a verdict of "Not Enough Evidence" then that's because the staff didn't find any violation to take action against that manager!