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    There are many suspicious things that have happened in Argentina league.. Many new accounts were joined our league in order to play only one match against my team (my team is in the first position) with reliance on the camp.. Also, there is manipulation that occurred in the newell's old boys team as the palyers' positions have been changed before this team's match with the river plate team, please revise the movement of new accounts that are joining to the league in order to play with camp against strong teams
    i reported a complaint agianst one of those new account and the OSM reply it was not enough evidence ! and i cant not make a new complaint to explain the evidence details ? what can i do ?

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    @mo-abdelmoaty_7 with the complain did you attach the screenshot of the problem
    If you didn't then complain once again after attaching screen shot .

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    @sreeku_007 Thanks!

    You can attach screenshots by uploading the image to an image hosting site, then include the link of the image in your report!