Change the scouting system please?

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    I do wonder whether or not the game moderators, even read some these suggestions!! But anyways, here's one.... Change the scouting system cos it sucks... The old version was better, as you could send a scout out in more detail, such as what country to look in, age range was better i.e under 21 rather than >25. And specific positions. I am fed up with sending the scout out, for him to come back with what I don't need.
    Some people don't want a whole squad full of different nationalities.
    I am going through the world leagues and currently manage an Angolan side, I have Angolans, Brazilians/Portuguese and other African nationalities (Angola is in Africa), send my scout away for a RW player, because you can only suggest > Midfield > Attacking > 60-69 >25... he comes back with Spanish speaking nations, and/or LW & AM. It's frustrating to say the least!!! It needs to change!!!

  • @Dan-Tilley Hello Dan ☺

    Whether you believe it or not we do read every post, sooner or later . And I suppose you know by now that the latest scouting system has been discussed probably more than any other game feature.
    You say that it sucks. Ok you have every right to your opinion. I say it rocks! I honestly believe it's way better than the old scout and I'm glad to see my teams reaching top positions with a variety of nationalities and since I set my own criteria for the new scout I feel pretty satisfied with the goodies that he brings back to me - 3 players to choose from or hire them all if I want . While on the old version I could ask and search for only one new player for each round and sadly sometimes my scout was returning to me empty - handed. That really sucked! 😆 Furthermore I believe if we ask from 100 managers of their personal opinion about this matter we'll probably get 100 different answers. 😜

    Now a good question for me would be:
    Is there any room for improvement of the new scouting system?

    And the answer:
    Yes by all means ! And that's exactly what is happening on OSM. That's why we ask of your opinions and honest thoughts about the game's features. So that the devvers and designers can work with some new updates coming from your mouths and your own suggestions.

    So if I understood you correctly Dan your wish would be the Nationality of the players to be added on the scout's criteria. Am I right? Or what else exactly?

    P.S. You can also use this topic , if you wish, to post any of your thoughts and suggestions about our game.

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    Hi Sophia,

    Don't get me wrong, but having the 3 players coming back from the scout is a good move. My problem is, because I am trying to conquer all nations to achieve all the achievements possible, I would much rather look for players nationality or atleast speak the same language as the existing players in my team. As I said before if I am in africa or asia for example, I would like the scout to bring me back players that were born from those nations. Sometimes it takes days/weeks til I find the right player. If I was in European countries, it probably wouldn't matter so much what the scout brings back, but currently I am not. So yes to answer your question, I would like a more specific scout search i.e nationality.