Angola league update is so much needed !

  • Portuguese Users

    Is there any possibility to update the Girabola (Angola League) ? It has passed almost 3 years without an update.

    At this moment i'm managing in Angola, it's annyoing to see 14 clubs (instead of 16) and players that already ended their carreers.

    Please do something about that, i will put some websites with information available to help: ; ;

  • Hi mate,

    Tks for the info about the sites where we can find info about Angola league. I've forwarded this to our League Manager. Let's see what can be done in order to update it!

  • Global Staff

    Thanks very much for the info - I will review the links and see whether there is sufficient info to enable us to get this league updated, as I agree it is well overdue.

    The problem we have had in the past is lack of available player details (info like dates of birth, player positions, number of appearances and goals and so on).

    I'm still sorting out all the fallout from the European transfer window at the moment, so may not be able to get to this for two or three weeks., but I promise if the info we need is there we'll get the league updated