I can't switch my account with the iPad

  • I can't switch my account...

  • @Ravix98 Hi, welcome.
    Do I understand it correct that you want to switch from Ravix98 to a multi account?
    Because it's not possible to logout from the apps and if you read the osm terms of use then you will find that it's not allowed to have more then one account.

  • Because i'm using the browser with my first account (Ravix98)... when I decided to use for the first time the app, i failed the first login with another account (Ravix982), and i would like if it is possible to disable that account "Ravix982"... thank you for your support

  • In this case you need to sent a email to: EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
    Don't forget to to explain the whole situation there :relaxed:

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