Unforgettable matches

  • Why don't we post here the matches each one of us remembers more for some reason? It may be due to the result, or because of the contenders, or just for personal reasons. I hope you all add your matches soon so that we all can comment about them.

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    @rafael-1974 We do have a topic for that matter Rafael and thank you so much for reminding it to us. 😊
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    @rafael-1974 Dear Rafael,
    If the above topic does not satisfy you then please help yourself with your new topic mate. 😉

    Notice: What is fair is fair... And it looks like I had misunderstood your topic's purpose.
    Rafael your intention was to create a whole new topic where managers could discuss and exchange their thoughts, opinions & sweet or bitter memories of any unforgettable match that they'd watched from real football matches.

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  • WM 98 Qualifier Germany v Portugal 6th SEP 1997

    Portugal needed to win the game, and in minute 71 scored, 1-0

    Moment of de game (substituion Rui Costa leaves to enter Sérgio Conceição)
    Before leaving the pitch, Rui Costa takes the 2nd yellow,Because it took a long time to leave
    From 74:32 (the substitution was announced) to 74:52 (Batta showed the red card). It took 20 seconds!!!

    The substitution did not happen and Portugal started to play with 10 players
    At minute 81 Germany scored 1-1, With this result Portugal was out of the world cup in France
    The referee is French, Marc Batta

    Portugal become Euro 2016 champions - and spoil France's party

    Revenge is ........:middle_finger_tone1:

  • Last matchday, Twente led the league, two points ahead of us, so it was pretty much a final.
    We had just experienced our longest dry-spell in 50 years (6 years without a title), during which we had been extremely unlucky. I can't compare the joy I felt at 5:34 to any other football match.

  • Now that I am giving a lesson in Dutch football history anyway, this might also be enjoyable for you guys to watch.

    Last matchday, the big two and AZ all went in with the same amount of points and the virtual title kept going back and forth between the three. Just keep an eye on the virtual ranking as displayed in the bottom of the screen after each goal and you will understand why this has been the most crazy football related afternoon of my life.

  • @SIRclitjeslikker_NL Reminds me of this, wasnt last round, it was week 37 put of 38, but everything was decided here. Unforgettable as well 🙂

  • @Majstor-Matt I forgot to mention : Van Nisterloy scored for 2:2 in 89th minute there and Tamudo from Espanyol scored in 90th minute for 2.2 on Camp nou 😄

  • the best comeback
    FC Liverpool v AC Milan-Istanbul 2005

  • My team São Paulo wins the 2005 Club World Cup 🙂

    We are the best!! 🏆

  • This one will never get old

  • São Paulo vs Tigre, Cup Sudamericana final in 2012 🙂

  • Greatest individual performance I have ever watched. 34 years old, playing against team that has Roberto Carlos, Lucio, Adriano, Ronaldo, Kaka, Ronaldihno and others in their team.. and tearing them to pieces. One and only, ZIZOU!

  • @Majstor-Matt Yeah, Brazil had a lot of good players to a match, it was a great Zidane performance! 🙂

  • An unforgettable match...

    11/05/2013 💙

    Porto 2-1 Benfica - Kelvin goal at the last minute! This goal changed this league. If the match ended in draw, Benfica would win this league... Our hero, Kelvin, came from the bench and scored one of the most epic goals of FC Porto's history! FC Porto won that league because of this goal... Against our biggest rival!

    I really miss this times! 😐

  • This match was very important for the greatest scorer goalkeeper in soccer history Rogério Ceni, in this match he reached his goal scored number 100, goal scored foul against the rival team.

  • @SaizicaaaaaaOfficial This match was unforgettable 😃

  • Netherlands - Spain 5-1, World cup 2014. Including legendary commentary 🙂

  • Don't watch football much, but when Ireland beat Italy last year to get into last 16 of the Euros was great!


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