Bug - no interest on saving account

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    Hello mates,

    This is to report a problem that I am facing is my OSM account.

    • Manager name: Wissamk
    • Slot: 1&2
    • System: Android

    I do not receive interest on balances available as savings. I tried the following to solve this issue but nothing has changed:

    • to update the game from google play
    • to keep the amount as savings for 2 consecutive days
    • to create new account on another android phone (manager name: Saco WK - slots 1 and 2) and the same problem occured.

    This is a photo of my account at the end of the round where I received club funds only. [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/10xebmd.png[/IMG]

    Is there any criteria for savings that I am not complying with? What needs to be done?

    Thank you in advance.


  • First thing,

    You can only have one account on OSM, so creating a second one was really a bad move! I've already locked it!

    There's no bug at all in here!

    Interests are added to the savings directly, this is why you 'don't see them'.

    If you still think that you don't get them, just make this screenshot before simulation and another after simulation and then report it again!

    NOTE: Please use another system to upload screenshots, because tinypic links change from one country to another so majority of the times, we're not able to see the images!