[Crews] Crew Recruitment

  • Can i join your crew? 😂😂😂

  • Hi, I want to join a crew. Been playing osm on and off since 2011, on my current profile since september 2016.

    Manager name: Kalinkas
    Ranking worldwide: 450 596
    Country: 189 (Norway)
    Total manager points: 42680
    Seasons completed: 16
    Reached objective: 14
    League champion: 8
    Cup champion: 8

    Hoping for an crew invitation :)

  • Join After the Whistle! For anyone of any experience, young or old, silly or serious, new to the game or a five year veteran, have a place among friends.

  • @Kalinkas you may join my new crew if you wish. We may be a new crew, but After the Whistle will take the leaderboards by storm!

  • Hey im back for those that recall me and I need a clan

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