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    0 Goals 5
    13 Shots 9
    0% Efficiency 55%
    3 Corners 6
    21 Faults 13
    3 0 Cards 0 1
    57% Possession 43%

    How can I lose with such statistics?

  • @Berttt_NL Just from a look at your post here's my thoughts of what might had happened on this match:
    a. The opposition had better forwards than yours , more high-rated ones and maybe more well fitted / rested ones . Or maybe it was a formation with a single star attacker top fitted.
    b. You had a strict Referee and you chose to play way too aggressively. Maybe you used the Reckless tackling and also too high pressure ?
    c. Did you lose any player from your first 11 line up due to injuries maybe?
    You were lucky you didn't get any red card after so many faults.

    All I know is that every little detail matters when you set your match. Another reason for your opponents success could be that he chose the more appropriate Specialists, like penalty taker or free kicker etc.

    But even if you had the better team and the ideal formation and tactics try to keep in mind that sometimes it all comes to lady luck and underdogs get their chance to win too. Just like in real football. That's my two cents about your match my friend.

    Let's see what other managers have to say about it. 😉

  • All is possible mate, http://prntscr.com/e4dqfz

    Depended of the tactic, your squad building etc.....

  • Sorry mate but I don't believe you...Why you write all this statistics? Why you don't put a screenshot?
    You want say your opponent got a red card and he won 0:5?
    I think you got a red card and you lost with such a result, it's normal in this game. I see you made 21 foul so you played reckless for sure...
    Maybe I am wrong, but then put a picture right here...

  • @MenagerBL My dear Nenad , our Dutch friend ( Bert I guess is his name) has already wrote to us that he has lost on this match . Maybe you misunderstood his words ?
    And he was wondering how or why he lost , because he had more shots, 57% Possession, better than his opponent's as we can see.
    Besides , we cannot force anyone to post a screen shot of a match's results. It is everybody's right to share only whatever they feel like sharing. And we must respect that my friend.
    Plus, I'm sure a manager of your experience is very much able to get a picture of what happened to Bert , even with no shot posted.

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    @MenagerBL 0_1486486287330_Naamloos.png
    Seriously, why would I lie about something like that?

  • @Berttt_NL
    Sorry mate, as I said, I thought your opponent got a red card (I thought the cards statistic goes yellow-red yellow-red, but now I realise by the home team yellow cards are on 1st place, by the guest on the 2nd) and he won 0-5 with 10 players. It's almost impossible to win if you get a red card.
    But again, it's ridiculous. Maybe you played too offensive or you have a weak deffence. Also, 442 (especially 442 A and passing game) is working fine vs 433...
    I don't know...Sorry again. 🙂