Playing players out of position

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    What happens if I play a midfielder out of position? I have a 102 rated Hazard who has an attack stat of 106. Will his performance improve if I play as a forward? Also, does it work the same if I put a midfielder in defence?

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    If you are out of players on a certain position you could do that but players always perform best on there own position.

  • @Antonio-Ancleotti Hello Antonio and welcome to the Global forum . 🙂

    What @MikevanderHilst_NL told you was very right. Thanks for your reply and help Mike.:thumbsup_tone2:

    To use a player out of his rightful position must be made only as a last solution. In special cases when you miss players due to suspensions or injuries etc.
    Now as you know some mids are more attacking - minded and others more of defensive - minded.
    Yes you can use the first ones in attacking positions and the latter ones in defensive positions, but make sure they are at least top fitted and do not expect to perform with the exact way that they would according to their ratings when placed on the midfield.

    Good luck Antonio. :v_tone2: