I don't receive boss coins from Persona.ly offers!

  • Hi,

    I've completed a couple of persona.ly offers from the businessclub. I've received confirmation emails telling me I completed them and that I got the boss coins for it, but they are never actually added to my account. And because the offer says I have received the coins I can't file a support ticket to persona.ly. Altogether these offers added up to over 400 boss coins. Has anyone else encountered this problem and what can I do about it?

  • administrators

    We're analysing this and as soon as we've more info about it we'll let you know!

  • I have the same problem with videostripe. I did not receive the boss coins (already pushed the support button in the app, but this 15 days ago now). My fiber user ID is 1954146127

  • @Mr.-Rav_NL The same problem occurs at my account. Completed an offer worth 150 Boss Coins but still did not receive any of them.

  • @SpecialOne The same problem occurs at my account. Completed nearly 10 offers but Boss Coins still did not receive any of them :(

  • administrators

    Guys, on this topic we're only handling problems with special offers from persona.ly where user don't have the possibility to click on the support button to complaint why they didn't got them. All the other situations, please fill in a ticket by clicking on the support button!

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