Negative Bank Balance

  • I had money in the bank. not much but I did my 2.5 million in the bank and at one time was my bank balance negative.

    Now my standard income 750k. but with a negative balance I get even less inside.

    there are people who know how this can.


  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    I've never heard something like this happening when you put it on the bank.
    So just to be sure could you check transfers if no double transfers has been done?

    I also need you to fill in the template that you can find here:

  • administrators


    This was probably due to a pending offer that was accepted at same time as you bought a player.

    You could easily fix it by selling a player.

    If you can't fix it selling a player, please report it again filling in the template as requested!

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