Private Leagues are realy private?

  • Good morning.

    I have a Group (Garra Lusitana), where i have play Leagues of different countries.

    After finish another championship, in my Group, i decide try a Special League - Nostalgia B and i used the option "Private League, to invite some managers.

    Besides myself and another member of the group, a series of outsiders appeared, which I did not invite, and that the other member of the group guarantees not to have invited as well.

    How could this have happened? And how can I remove these outsiders?

    I wanted to make invitations and now I have almost everything full with members who were not invited.

    alt text
    alt text

  • @MisterRock Hi, the only way that could happening is if you continue the league.
    It's a manager from your previsious season and because he was allowed before he's also allowed in the next season. I'm sorry but nothing can be done about the managers that are in you league now.

    If you want to avoid these kind of situations next time then you need to start a complete new league instead of continue.