How do i get a club i want?

  • Ive been playing this game for years but on this newer osm i cant figure out how i can sign for one of the top teams surely you dont have to use 200 points to get the club you want you used to be able to get the big clubs for free am i doing something wrong please help?

  • Hi,

    No you don't have to pay 200 BCs to be able to manage a top team, but as you can probably imagine, you're not the only one trying to manage them, so the chances of find a one of them without manager are not as high as find a low goal team.

    At same time we can't have all players managing top teams, otherwise we'll have as many leagues as players on OSM and that will make the game boring... empty leagues and playing only against CPU managed teams.

    So if you really, really want to manage a top team and you can't find one, you can request your own league or 'force' a creation of a new one, where you've the top team for you!

    You still have the chance to keep trying at different times to see if you manage to catch a free one!