Achievements Bug

  • There's an achievements bug and since we don't want to overload this forum with achievement topics, we are creating a central topic for those reports.
    This way we will keep the forum more clear.

    Please report in here which achievement you were unable to collect.

  • In my screen it flashed that I can't collect the 'Completing 100 transfers' achievement.

  • I finished the "Completing 100 transfers" But i dont get the coins because some error was the problem

  • I can't seem to collect the 'pro trainer' achievement. (Trained 517/500 so far).

  • i can't receive my achievements or get my daily bonus

  • Finished the 25 victory achievement but I didn't get the coins and now it appears as I didn't do it nor does it count the wins., it's always on 0.

  • I can't collect achievements of "sign in with facebook" and "nothing cashed" and "Em @ iler"

  • I confirmed my email address but I can't collect the coins

  • başarıları alırken sorun oluşuyor ve altınlar gelmiyor başarıda hak ettiğim halde gerçekleşmiyor... Bilginize..

  • Can't collect "Cup Debut" and "Winning Streak"

  • I just unlocked the 2000 training players achievement and i havent recieved my 250 points??

  • Same thing here for winning the cup 3 times... just at the moment of collecting my 100 coins it said "something went wrong".

    In my achievements, I can now see that my won cup trophies are 3/3, but I cannot collect the coins.

  • I can't receive my points for "player scores a hat-trick", "send first message" or for keeping a "clean sheet" .

  • @El-Belga

    I feel the same.
    40 coins after the season...but getting only 30.
    Recieved 400 coins because of 'Financial genius' but nothing get for it. :(

  • necesito ayuda yo gane la temporada de bolivia, en real potosi y gane la liga y el objetivo y me dieron los logros, que a continuacion les voy a mostrar:

    3)racha ganadora.
    4)bota de oro.

    _Y les di clik en reclamar y decia que habia un error, que reiniciara la pagina. Entonces la reinicie y se perdieron mis logros.

    _Espero que me puedas ayudar.

  • i got a bug in achievements,i'm new here,i did the confirm of the email ,but i wasn't able to collect the coins,

  • I finished the achievement for winning 25 matches in a row but did not get the reward, what now?

  • @Hespera I keep getting several achievements and not winning any awards, from confirming my e-mail to selling a player, etc

  • @Hespera i cant get africa region achievement even if it seems 100percent

  • All , this is my first account, and so, "email, Fb link, first transfer" i dont know which more achievements i cannot collect.

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