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    Recentemente tenho concluído certas conquistas cujo prémio não me tem sido atribuído, dizendo que ocorre sempre um erro . Assim, espero que consigam consertar esse erro e que os jogadores tenham acesso aos seus prémios das conquistas .
    Obrigado pela atenção !!!

  • @furaconas99 Hi mate

    This is International Version and you should post only in English. For Portuguese forums, please log out from forums and log back in. If you're still not able to see them, select the groups option on header, search for Portuguese Users group and join it.

  • Hi, welcome.
    Please remember that this forum is English only.
    If you want to join the conversation in your own language, you can join your country's group and disscuss things in your own language.
    logout from the forums and login again to see your community's forum.

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