• So last night I replied to a topic called the Invincibles and I mentioned how I achieved this before the achievements were released. Today I have logged in to find the discussion was quickly locked and we were given a link where we could complain about a bug. Its quite evident this achievement system isn't going to be able to account for most of our managing history, at no point did I think I would get my top goal scorer, unbeatable or invincible achievement unless you just give them out to anyone who claims to have done so.

    I am really annoyed with the mod team that you did this because the discussion was not about bugs, it was about achieving the invincible but no you killed the conversation before it could develop!

    Going through the forums I can see 90% of the mods job is telling players to report bugs in a different topic or use English so please get it right..

    Finally I don't think a lot of issues are handled correctly because of how keen mod's are to close topics assuming they are dealt with rather than waiting to see if anyone wants to reply.

    So my plea is simple, read the conversation then think about it, stop rushing to close every topic.. no wonder there are barely any interesting topics on here.

  • @Julz420 Hi, this is not a disccussion forum, but for bugs and help support only.
    If you want to discuss something about achievements, then you can go to the discussion forum OSM the game.