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  • Portuguese Users

    Good night, OSM support and players. Today I entered a Spanish League in Barcelona (La Liga) and a few hours later I came across something that really annoys me, which is cheating for its own benefit.

    I noticed that the teams: Real Sociedad, Celta de Vigo, Althetic Bilbao, Deportivo, Espanyol, Malaga and Betis have coaches with accounts created minutes ago, with nicknames all like this "jxdgjgjhfjhfjfh". This is probably to receive the 50 coins of the 10 friends, or even to cheat with player transfers.

    I know there is the option to report, but I have to report 1 to 1? Can not I send everyone on a sail?

    Sorry for my English, SquibidiFaps

  • @SquibidiFaps Hi, welcome.
    You can go to 1 of the managers, click on the report button.
    Use the info field to give as much info as you can and then include the other manager names in there.