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    have played hundreds of these sorts of games and have never come across one as glitchy as this one. lost count how many times the banner comes up as oops, something went wrong, when supposed to get credits for achievement, when trying to sign a player especially.
    the game is like ground hog day anyway, start with a mediocre team, improve it as much as poss, with no chance of competing at the top, unless investing lots of money(which in a game this glitchy) aint gonna happen, then whenthe season finished its back to the start with a mediocre team. the chance to build on a seasone, maybe give 4-5 season contracts might make it more interesting, but at the moment i see no point to the game and quit

  • @anitajane in this profile i manage to have the achievements but the game doesn't give me the rewards , can you fix this or at least inform me the reason why does this happens? Thanks a lot