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    i know it has effects on endurance and training. but for single match does age effect performance does game engine gives advantage for young players.

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    They train less good, infact it useless to train old players. But on the other side there motivation drops less.
    Older players seem to be more consistant compared to the younger ones. Young players score 8, 8, 4, 7, 5.
    While old players dont drop that much out of no where. They just get progressivly worse as their endurance goes down. 70% seems to be about the turning point.

    And personally i feel as if the captain should be 30+

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    Thank you for answering. but what iwonder is if i have 35 years old player with all stats 100 does 18 years old player with all stats 100 plays better then mine my friend belives it does while he has lesser team then mine according to stats his players are much younger so his teams worth is higger but i believe i would beat him easily due my players are being better acording to stats so i wanted to know for sure. ( we are on seperate leuges so no way to make a match)

  • I always thought if 2 players are the same rating the older one was more likely to be the better choice.

  • Quite sure there's a difference in fitness loss as well per game.