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    Look my man.. I think we all know who could be in the next TOTW 🙂 What a performance yesterday, deserves +5 or +6 minimum in next update 😄

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    That error means that your browser couldn't get a secure connection with the OSM server. This could be caused on the client side (OSM) or something on your end. You can try to figure out if you can solve the issue yourself. This is one of the website that comes up with some of the possible solutions to fix an SSL handshake ➡ https://www.encryptionconsulting.com/how-to-fix-the-ssl-handshake-failed-error/

    Otherwise you will have to contact our customer support. They can check if the issue is OSM related or not. I don't work for Gamebasics and don't have the tools for that. You can contact them through the below link.


    Then click on 'submit a request' and choose the option 'OSM' to fill in the contact sheet.

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    @SРECTR I set my tactics if I'm better or worse than the opponent. If you are the better team, then sure go 4231 wing play with sliders like 70 70 75. But if I was going to play counter attack then I won't use 4231 counter attack. I could try but I would just go with a really defensive formation like 631 or 541.
    Hope this answers your questions.

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    Oh well, apart from being a fan of Real Madrid, there is another reason to hope for them to win. If BVB does not win, then Dinamo Zagreb has a direct qualification for play off stage of Champions league 24/25, so I really hope that will happen 😄

    In case of BVB win, then Dinamo Zagreb starts in Qualifying stage 2 (s steps behind), massive difference and about 15M euros difference + guaranteed Europa League group stage in case of defeat.

    All in all, HASTA EL FINAL, VAMOS REAL! 😄

  • هنا يمكنك الحديث والإستفادة من أفضل المدربين العرب.

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    كيف حالكم و كيف أحوالكم ياإخوتي

  • Hier kun je terecht voor hulp en kun je gezellig met Nederlandse managers chatten.

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  • Tú sítio para pedir Ayuda y hablar con otros managers en español

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    🇵🇦Panamá🇵🇦 Vs 🇨🇱Chile🇨🇱
    Grupo D
    Ronda 2

    M1 - Eduardo_5665
    M3 - Palasgiales
    M5 - IvanBultronCastillero
    M7 - Benilevels (C)
    M9 - Jeankk20

  • Tempat untuk mendapatkan bantuan dan diskusi dengan manajer Indonesia lainnya.

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    Indo Cb Goi R1
    Goi away
    G1- kaos blue 1- Adi Triana (C)
    G3- kaos blue 2- In Somnia( wakil C)
    G5- kaos blue 3- Mr Ooz
    G7- kaos blue 4- flaraa
    G9- kaos blue 5- Arif romanov

  • Il posto giusto per chiedere aiuto e parlare con altri allenatori Italiani

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    ok grazie,
    da che dispositivi avete il problema?
    Andorid o ios? o entrambi?
    comunque intanto lo segnalo

  • Miejsce by uzyskać pomoc i porozmawiać z innymi polskimi menadżerami

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    Zgłaszam swoją kandydaturę na selekcjonera głównej kadry osm

  • O sítio certo para procurares ajuda e conversar com outros treinadores em Português.

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    Bom dia, eu estive nas outras listas e o meu nome não aprece em nenhuma divisão, porque?

  • Yardım almak ve diğer "Türkçe" bilen menajerlerle konuşmak için doğru yer

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    Arkadaşım telefonumu alıp ligden istifa etti tekrar katılamıyorum tekrar katılmanın bi yolu yok mu?