як Перевести все деньги на сберегательный счет

  • русланруслан

  • @Krysa-Ruslan Hi welcome! :slight_smile:
    Please send the text you want to send here using only English words. Since this is the International forum we need to understand each other. 😉
    For your own language and forum group, please; Log out of the forum page and then log in again to find your own forum group. Thank you and good luck on OSM . :handshake_tone2:

  • English Moderator

    @Sosyokrat That is correct. Thank you Oguz. :handshake_tone2:

    @Krysa-Ruslan Hello Krysa and welcome to the OSM game and forums. 🙂
    We expect your new visit in here and posts written in English please for the next time.
    Thank you and best of luck mate. 😉

    Note : Topic moved from OSM - The sports bar to the Support category.


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