Degredation, can't find my team in leaguelist

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    I just started playing Hangzhou Greentown in China, a small club with Target 13. As I look in the Chinese league at /LeagueTypes/League/86 to view my starting team value, the team does not exist anymore. Wikipedia says my team degraded to a league below, a league that does not exist in OSM.

    Is there anyway to find out the starting value of my team now?

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    The Chinese competition has been updated to the 2017 season 3 days ago. That is why you can't see Hangzhou Greentown (as they degraded from the top division).

    This means that the only way to figure out what your starting value of that team was is by manually tallying up the transfer value (the one on the left of the two prices colom at the page where you can view all your transfers that you made) of all the players who you had sold and who are still part of your team and where on the original starting team (you have to rule out any players that you have bought from scout/transferlist/or the other Chinese teams and players that you bought and sold again).

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