Login Issue

  • Hi,
    I had an account rank 200k and one of my friend want me to create id for him and I did with my mobile.
    But now I can't login my account or his, I know the id, pass and email but can't login I don't even receive pass through email please help me please.

  • I wrote this topic in the support I Donno who move it here because this is not where I can get help???

    Please help me with my issue and move it to the support section.


  • English Moderator

    @1HelpMe1 Hello my friend. ☺
    First of all , your topic was never moved from Support. If that was done you could see an arrow on the top left next to topics title.
    My guess is that you have probably chose this category by accident.
    I will now move your post to the Support category. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 thank you very much hope the admins will help me BTW the IDs are "SirNaser" and "dNasser"

  • English Moderator

    @1HelpMe1 Hello again. ☺

    My friend at this point I must inform you about a couple of things.

    1. You must read carefully the OSM Terms - https://en.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms , in order to avoid doing anything against the game's rules .

    ⚠ Every manager on OSM is allowed to have only one (1) account and every account is strictly personal.
    We must never create accounts by using our own devices ( mobile phone or laptop etc ) on behalf of friends or relatives etc. For noone and for no reason whatsoever!

    1. For the problem that you are now facing , please send a mail to: EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com , and the Staff Support will help you out with it.

    Good luck mate! :fingers_crossed_tone2: