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    Hello to all the happy people playing OSM! I come from :flag_ro: My 🎂 is on august 2nd, that makes me a ♌ I am 35 years old, I joined this game in november 2005, more than 11 years ago. My hobbies are 📸 and ⛺ 🏕 and I used to be, until not so long ago, the Romanian Community Manager, before that I was staff support, forum mod and translator. 👮 My football team to go to is Steaua Bucharest and I am also very fond of Liverpool.
    Nice to meet you!

  • @Octi Welcome, great to see you out here ☺

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    @Pasquale-Losito Well well well. Was about time you showed up in here Senior Pasquale Losito! :rofl:

    Welcome to the English forums and to this social topic. :woman_tone1: So why did you write that nobody knows you dear?
    I for once know you for some time Lino Anakin Boss. And I bet many more do as well, Mr. Popular Italian Guy! 😉
    Thank you for your lovely introducing yourself post, I really enjoyed it! Take care mate. 😄

    P.S. I wish you had also posted the translation in english of your spicey text that you want us to remember.
    I guess it was latin. Yes? :thinking:

  • Welcome to the EN forums @octi and @Pasquale-Losito! Nice introductions 🙂

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    @Octi Hello (or buna as you say it ) to you too mate & welcome to our lovely company! 😄
    So what is your name my friend? Is Octi your birthname? Or shall we just call you Leo, after your sign? 😉
    Nice to meet you too. Pupici to Romania ! 💋

  • @Octi ladies and gentlemen,hats off to Octi .
    @Hespera / @ruby2003 thank you 😉
    @SUPERNOVA-8 aww Senior .. mr Popular ahaha thank you,Sofieee
    Yep,latin .. an italian humanist,Sabba Da Castiglione(1480-1554) said it quoting an unknown great philosopher of Basilea .. "someone - who drinks and eats a lot - will rest peacefully,someone - who rests correctly - will not be a sinner,someone - who will not fall into sin - will go to Heaven. If we want to go to Heaven,let's drink and eat "

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    @Pasquale-Losito Ahahaha. Oh Lino you're incredible ! Thanks for the translation mate. I must admit this fellow - Sabba Da Castiglione(1480-1554) - knew how to live his life ! :thumbsup_tone2: And judging from the dates that you posted he lived a longggg life too! He managed to live until his 74 . I believe it's many years for that period of history. Haha.
    And I also know how much Italians love and appreciate good food, fine wine and pleasant company. :thumbsup_tone2:

    Grazie mille Lino! 😄

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    @SUPERNOVA-8 My name is Octavian, Octi is the one of the short versions of the name. Like Bill is to William or Tom for Thomas.

  • Hi people!
    So let it be my turn=)
    I am Eugene, everyone call me Medved. I'm proud to be Russian and consider my hometown Penza to be the most soulful and beautiful in the world. I'm 30 and it's high time Man became serious, but not with me 😂 To live for life and live it up - is my motto. Maybe that's why I'm still here, in OSM. But I like it in any case! Also I am fond of oldtimer cars, rock music, good beer, travelling and cats (i have four ones by the way). And other, one of the most important, part of my life (of course if we do not talk 'bout family) is Spartak Moscow FC! I also support MU, Roma and M1860, but all of them mostly are just second teams for the time of winter break of Russian football season.
    One life, one team! You can change wife/job/anything but you never can change your FC!

    My occupation is certification ans customs clearance, I have my own small business. And I can say it's rather interesting field for activity.
    If anyone has account in, it's me - The same nick is in Instagramm.

    Greetings from me and my younger cat Alisa! Yo!
    alt text

  • Hello boys and girls!

    I wanted to introduce myself, as I am a new moderator on the forum also.. :thumbsup_tone2:

    Finnish boy born -88, living in a small town with 20.000 inhabitants. And sure football are a big part of my life, sports all in all actually. The local football team FF Jaro was playing 15 seasons in the finnish league in a row, but got relegated for the season 2016, so now the second try to get back! I don't miss any matches at home, and trying to support the team as often as I can away also. Roman Eremenko that gave a positiv test for heroin are a product of FF Jaro, and his father are a legend here, and have been coaching the team for 7 years in a row, but now he are in Karagandy in Kazakhstan. I am also involved with the local ice hockey team, but they are playing on a lower level. Living also with a cat that are right now 8 months old, called Junior :thumbsup_tone2: Been playing this game since 2012, you can find me on couple of other similar games also..
    Other things that is close to my heart is music, watching at tv, watching European football and some partying sometimes.. 🍻

  • Thanks for introducing yourself @RödVitt 🙂 Great to have you here!

  • Hi I live in earth! Please send me your points and trophies! :man_dancing_tone5:
    Thank you all !!!

  • @RödVitt welcome!:)

  • @RödVitt Good to have an 88 year old guy here. :thumbsup_tone4: joking bro. haha

    Finnish, nice. Do you like coffee mate?

  • @King-Noel, No sorry, I don't drink coffee at all 😄

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    Right, back in action ladies & gents . 😄

    My apologies for my delayed posts, but let's see who new manager we've got here now...😉

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    @Octi said in To know us better !:

    @SUPERNOVA-8 My name is Octavian, Octi is the one of the short versions of the name. Like Bill is to William or Tom for Thomas.

    Well hello again Octi ! I gotta say I'm impressed mate. If I was you though I would surely use my full birth name.
    It's a strong name and if I'm right not very common either and that makes it quite unique my friend.
    You have the name of a Roman Emperor and I wish you greatness and success in every level ! :thumbsup_tone2:

    Thank you for your post once again Octi . :handshake_tone2:

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    @Medvedini And hello to our Russian mate ! Welcome to this fun topic Eugene. 😄

    You are the second manager that I meet by this name. Which means : polite and gentle and after looking at your face you do look like a kind person. So I feel its a pity that they call you Medved ( haven't got a clue what this nick name might mean ) Oh and your post made me laugh too.
    " One life, one team! You can change wife/job/anything but you never can change your FC! "
    That's very true my friend . A man can change a lot of things during his life but he stays faithful only to one true love: his football club ! Haha. :thumbsup_tone2:

    Keep living your life and enjoy your gaming time on OSM . 😉

    Greetings to you and your cute cat Alisa ( looks pretty serious cat Eugene ) :raising_hand_tone1:

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    @RödVitt And this one my mates is our latest addition to the English CM team .
    We're very happy to have you Andreas here with us.
    Welcome my friend and thank you for your lovely introducing post .😄

    You're generally a real sports man and a busy bee . So you play ice hockey too ? Yep, that's indeed a popular sport for your very North country. 😜

    Well Andreas , you have my best wishes for both your teams: your ice hokey one and your beloved FF Jaro of course. May they rise to success once again for the new season. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

    Say hello to little Junior for me and I'll be waiting for your music suggestions of trance . 😄

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    @scarle4 said in To know us better !:

    Hi I live in earth! Please send me your points and trophies! :man_dancing_tone5:
    Thank you all !!!

    Ahaha. You don't say ! Do you really live on Earth? 😲 And all this time I thought you were a Martian mate! 👽
    That's my nutty friend Aris. 😃 He's also Greek btw. Welcome to the party Aris ! 🍻

    P.S. Buddy sorry to disappoint you but I believe every manager is bonded and extremely attached to his trophy cabinet. Thus if I was you , I wouldn't expect a lot of surprise gifts concerning trophies. :rofl:

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