Always Error on opening 'squad' of my own & other clubs !!

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    Always Error on opening 'squad' of my own & other clubs !! ??

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    Hello mate and welcome to OSM and our new forums.:slight_smile:

    Could you please be more specific with your question?
    You are a brand new manager , only a day ago you were first signed on OSM . So for your first days here and till you get familiar with the game's features you will have only Slot 1 available for you and one league to play. Could you maybe post a picture / screenshot of your problem ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, welcome.

    If you want to report a bug then please read this topic important-info-please-read
    There you will find the template that you'll have to use to report a bug and screens must always added.
    It's also important to be clear about what the problem is, that way we are able to help you faster.