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    Hello, my word ranking list does not refresh and my managerpoints i gained recently are not added to the total score and world ranking position.

    How can i fix this?

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    What do you mean by 'world ranking does not refresh' Are you saying the page doesn't load properly or is the percentage of completion showing a different number then on your home page or profile page?

    If it's the first one you should try to remove cookies, cache and temporary internet files. If it's the latter one then this is a known bug. They are working on fixing that.

    As for your managerpoints issue: All of your 4 clubslots have a seperate ranking. Results on your clubslot 1 will be added to your clubslot 1. Results on your clubslot 2 will be added to your clubslot 2 etc.

    Furthermore, only one clubslot will be counted for the ranking. This is the clubslot where you have the most managerpoints on. The result of the other 3 clubslots don't count towards that.

    Is this clear for you now?

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