• Why can't I choose Drake for my selection?????????? He is the best footballplayer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHIS IS outTRAGiOUS!!!!! Also why is BEYONCÉ NOT IN HERE????? SHe is the qUEEEEEN!! PLS RESPOND ASAP!!!! tHIS IS AN OFFICCIAL COMPLAINT!!!! DRAKE &BEYONCÉ 4EVER!!!!

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  • this does NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! tHIS IS urgENT, DO you think this is some kind of JOKE?????????

  • English Moderator

    @nicolaasv_NL Hi Nicolas . :slight_smile:
    Listen mate, I have no idea what made you create this topic and post that makes no sense at all but I will kindly ask of you ( this time ) not to abuse the World forum this way. If you want to talk about music and singers then this is the topic you are looking for :
    Spam, use of capital letters and any show of disrespect to our fellow osm mates are defo not allowed in here nor what we need from any manager / forumer. I sincerely hope to your better next visit to World forum.
    Thank you in advance. :handshake_tone2:

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