• Lately i ain't been able to sell my players. I put them on the transfer list and even if I lower my price no one is buying them. Any hints?

  • @FilipePilif Ola Filipe and welcome to the OSM game & World forum. 🙂

    About your question. Well first of all I have to inform you that the movement on the TL aka Transferlist is quite random. Personally I don't lower my prices too easy . I always try to buy cheap players and find good bargains from the TL and always sell at maximum prices. But now the thing is that as each league progresses the prices of many players go too high ( I'm talking mostly about the 90± rated ones)
    This means that after the second half of any league especially for the big ones with top players, the sales ratio drops down in total.
    You will see that one day you might sell from 4 and up to 8 or 10 players and other times you might have to wait for 5 days to make a single sale. I'm not aware in which league you're referring or in which round you're at right now. Are you the only manager with no sales? And for how long have you been waiting since your last sold player?

  • Thanks Sofie!