• Hello people

    What do i need to do to create a league for the crew battle ?
    Is there any pattern for a crew battle or something similar ?


  • @pin.kod Well hello Mr. FA aka Football Artist! 🙂
    I saw that you have already posted your offer for a Crew Battle at the right topic, thank you for your help @Lirind . :thumbsup_tone2:
    But just to make sure everything will go right for your plan. 😉

    First of all you must find the opposite Crew that will agree to confront your Crew battle team, then you'll have to choose a small league of 10 or 12 clubs , depending on the type of the battle. As you know most of them are 5×5 ones. Sometimes we get also 6×6 ones.
    Of course one manager from your Crew has to spend the required boss coins to create and become the moderator of the league , ⚠ make it a private one ( so that only the invited managers of your opposition will be able to join it ), and choose your settings depending what terms you wanna have for this battle. I mean about the timers, training camps , secret trainings etc. Will they be on or off? Your battle team decides that.

    Best of luck with your new adventure my friend! :fingers_crossed_tone2: