• Another day, another bug.

    alt text

    Any way to solve this?

  • Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but that's caused because due to a player purchase from an offer.
    If you want to get back in the + then you need to sell players.

  • @Hespera what do you mean by from an offer? I only bought players from the transfer list.

  • @Hespera and I had + before pressing the button to put my money into economies.

  • What the... is going on ?! I had 375k after the match was simulated, I pressed again to put my money into savings, AGAIN SUM WITH MINUS.

    Please.. I can't do anything without money because of these bugs.

  • And, moreover, I can't put my money into savings because it is lost into minus if I do that ...

  • alt text

    Screenshot after I tried to put 375k into savings.

  • alt text

    after a player was sold today

  • screen shot your transfer history.

  • well, that took a while, but.. here you can see the whole transfer history.

  • btw, the funny thing is that you can notice:

    in the 1st pic i had -10 million bla bla 107
    in the 2nd i have -10 million bla bla 489 after adding my income from last round.

    see my point? it just got "added" to the minus value and turned into an even bigger minus

  • This post is deleted!

  • Even more details, if that helps.

    Login: Emil Boss
    Account: Slot 3
    League number: 61040197
    Date & Time of the bug: 13.03.2017, 21:00
    Platform: Website PC
    Browser: Google Chrome
    Screenshots: already presented in this topic
    Bug step-by-step Description: I tried to put my money into savings and got it with a minus value. After the match was simulated, I got 375k and again tried to put it into savings, got an even bigger minus.

  • This is definitly not a bug, but now it's not a problem anymore and this topic can be closed.

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