• Polish Users

    Hey. I lack in this game realism. As for me it is too detached from reality. Somewhat annoying it is that every season you have to start all over again. After the completion of the season could be asked whether you want to continue working at the club or not. If there is no simple matter, you start from the beginning in another club. However, if you selected the option to stay in the club this past things should be done. Purchase players in should be at the club next season. The money the club should also go for the next season of the competition. The same should stake out the expansion of the stadium. Why does every season you have to build everything from scratch? You could introduce the option of aging players. In each new season, players would be a year older. One could add the Champions League and the League of Europe, as well as their counterparts on other continents. You could create a game FIFA Club World Cup. They took part in them to the best clubs in the world with representatives from every continent grouped into two groups of four or five teams. It could be added Youths Academy. Every season, the clubs will join juniors coming from it. Their quantity and quality would be dependent on the level of this Academy. With time could be added gameplay national and national cups for juniors. And also the Champions League, the League of Europe and their counterparts on other continents for juniors. The same would apply to a Club World Junior Championships, World Cup and European Championship Junior Championships and the national team for the different continents for juniors.