• This is getting to much OSM. What the hell is wrong with you and ratings? Zlatan who carrying unitied got 90 in ratings while rooney is on the bench, barley plays and when he do he is not even world class, mentaliy yes, but kicking ball no, and he got 93 in ratings. I dont get it, i dont get that you guys are so complete lost. All you seems to know is how to create a game. But rather then that it feels like the creater of the game have ever seen a football match. It for sure as hell doesn't feel like you know shit about football. And i dont get that people aren't dissatisfied when there's so many flaws. Im kinda burning, since the game is nice and good, but it feels like its all about the money. I've spent money on this game but i aint getting shit back. Get real OSM, i can't be the only one seeing all the errors/flaws?!?!

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    I see you are unsatisfied with the ratings and player positions on OSM but please do read the topic below, thanks 👌

  • Lmao, I also think the OSM staff don't actually watch football.