Hotspurs need you

  • I have bad news. Alli and Son are both injured! We have been on a 2 game losing streak on Crystal Palace and even Hull after. Please help me!

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    @Jose-Mouron-hole Hello Jose and welcome to OSM & World Forum! :)

    Forgive me my friend but I was not able to understand what exactly you meant to ask from us. :confused:
    What is the matter mate and how may we help you ? Please could you explain yourself?

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 He is saying that he has two top rated players injured. Already he has lost two matches (with them) so playing without them will be a disastrous result to him.
    I think he has nothing to do as far as I am concerned. He can try Doctor but still he has to play without them in the next (maybe subsequent) match(es). Jose, keep your tactics spot on to have better results!

  • @Anirban-Bora Thanks :)

    @Jose-Mouron-hole You could also use the transfer list or scout to buy replacement players! Good luck in your next match- I hope you win! :)

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