• i plays inggris league and there s something wrong in liverpool vs man city match !!!
    my team has 1 red card about icardi broke his leg and he away but !!!
    man city has not any player changed...
    whats that ?

  • @rerara Hello Fatih and welcome to the OSM and World forum 🙂

    My friend I read your post but I am not sure what exactly was troubling you. Could you please try to give us a better explanation of the situation ?
    Also I could see that it is not easy for you to write in English and maybe you should find and join your own Group of language and Turkish forum. To do that please : Log out from your forum page and log in right back. After that the Turkish community must be added automatically on your forum menu. 😉

    I'll be waiting for your answer next time you visit the World forum. Thank you Fatih . :handshake_tone2: