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    I had Ronney who is 97 and no scout left the Ronaldo of 99 needed 20M because he short ronaldo and wanted to have it, so I put Ronney a sale for a minimum price for a sale to be quick in those 6h, then a coach Da My league buy Ronney I got to buy Ronaldo, after telling me that I did an illegal transfer, because there is a rule that can not sell the players a low of their value, and reportedly reported me, this person who reported me spoke with me and Told me to go to the forum confirming that the reason he reported to me was true ... but I said that there was nothing that it was one thing for me to help someone, another thing was for me to sell one player to another in this case that is more harmful For me, Ronaldo and then I asked, If there is a rule that says you can not sell the players below their value, then why does the game makes this available .... can you explain this to me pfv, thank you.
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    Hello mate,
    you can sell any player you want at any value you want...no restriction to that...only transfers between managers, with outrageous prices (low or big) who try to help it's other to make their teams stronger, can be suspicious and investigated for cheating...