A question about club slots

  • Hello. I have a question about club slots on my account. My friend and I made an account on the same day and my club slots are open(all 4 club slots) , while his club slots aren't(only 1 is open and that's how it's supposed to be). I don't know how I have all 4 slots unlocked.

  • @Maca322 Hello back mate and welcome to the World forum 🙂

    But Maca you was first signed a month ago. Your Club Slots were locked also at that time. For every fresh manager the game unlocks only the first Slot, to give time to get familiar with the features and all.
    Counting from the day and time of every manager's first day on OSM - Slot 2 unlocks after 5 or 6 days , Slot 3 takes more days to unlock etc etc . But after 40 - 45 days all Slots are unlocked and ready for the manager to use them . 😉

    Forget the above Maca. My fault . So your friend created his account a month ago too ? Just like you?
    Please ask from your friend to visit the forum and post his own question here. Thanks mate.

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Yeah I wasn't too clear with what I wrote. My slots were unlocked immediately after making an account, it was a month ago I think. A month later here I am asking why I had all 4 slots unlocked after making an account.

  • @Maca322 That is indeed strange. But is it a problem for you? After a whole month? Anyway, the standard and normal would be for you to have only one Club Slot opened at your beginning.
    Do you have maybe friends in here that had sent you invitations to their leagues on your very first day/days ?

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 I mean I'm not complaining. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with the devs, because it's not how it's supposed to work, right? And I wasn't invited by anyone. Note that this was my 2nd account, because I messed up on the 1st one and wanted to start over.
    EDIT: It was exactly 23 days since I made the account that has all 4 slots unlocked.

  • @Maca322 Ok, if I have any news about this matter I will get back to you. But now I have to ask you something else buddy. Have you read the OSM Terms of use ? How many accounts do you have as we speak on OSM ?

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Oopsy daisy. I just read it. I guess I broke the rules. I'm not using the first account though, only the 2nd one, but that's still against the rules. I don't have more than 2. I'm very sorry. Hope you won't ban me. If you do, it's fine, I'll understand.

  • @Maca322 Haha. 😆 No Maca , nobody is going to ban you , as long as you are honest and not using your old account . Mistakes are only human. But as you said it yourself , yes it is against the rules buddy. I will close this topic now and will PM you about the details of this matter. Thank you once again for your posts and your visit on our forum. :handshake_tone2: