• Okay, hello forum 😄
    I'm playing OSM quite long time, but i'm first time on forum 😛 For today, i played good, but i didn't understand some things in game.
    So first, how some OSM players make their not good team a beasts? I mean, West Bromwich Albion with most 100 rating in squad. HOW? I don't get it 😕
    Second question: what is more important to upgrade: capacity of stadium, pitch, training ground or squad?
    Third: How much footballers to keep in team? I always picked 1 or 2 formations and count (if its formation with 4 defenders, i counted it like: 4 in first 11, 2 on subs and 1 in case of injury/abstain). Is it good? I saw that some players keep only these players who plays in 11 (only 10-15 players).
    Thanks for attendance and i'm heading forward for request 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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    @Ochowiak you can sign new players on the transfer market, and you can improve their skills training them on "Training", upgrading their quality and value. The best tip that you can read here is that you have to sign young players: they "level up" faster in the training and can achieve +100 faster.
    About what is more important to upgrade, first I improve the training ground to the maximum, to upgrade faster my players, but if you want to know more about this, you have an interrogation sign (?) on that screen that explains better what does each upgrade.

    Two players on the bench and one in case of injury t's fine; remember, the players get tired if they play a ,ot of consecutive matches, so I recommend you to put your worst players against the easiest opponent teams; that way, you will have your best players resting for the important matches.

    If you don't understand something, youcan ask me privately, I'm spanish and my english is not the best, if you know what I mean 😉

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    Hello mate,
    such experienced manager like you, should take more attention on the moves other managers do on the league you are playing together...what i mean is that if you take a look on transfer list, you will see the transfers other managers do, the price they ask for the players and you will answer yourself how they make their team stronger...
    All these questions of yours are discussed and answered from many managers on many topics, such as Tactic requests topic....
    Good games mate...

    PS :
    Take in mind that support forum is for questions on how to handle problems with the OSM engine and not how to develop/built teams or tactic requests...