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    Hello everyone,

    I've been looking for an answer on this topic but I get nothing in particular. Could you please tell me how do you guys sell players?

    How far right do you set the slider for which ages (do you sell younger players for more above the market value or is that affected little by age) and do you even sell the player to computer if you set the price to maximum? How long does it take to sell a player then?

    I'm quite irriated because we started a league with players and I've been selling players for 10-20% above market value at best and then someone got 22mio worth Sanchez (19y) old for like 30 mio through scout and then sold him to computer (Sevilla) for 51mio in a couple of hours.

    If anyone has guidelines how to sell for more and how long does it take - what are the maximum prices to sell for please answer. This is for selling to computer ofcourse.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello mate,
    it's just random how much time it will take, for some manager to sell his players....it depends on the age, position,,etc.... i prefer to put my players on their higher value...they don't sell at once but after a couple of days..maybe a bit more...but they sell...