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  • in my League there are many teams that are managed by a single manager, how can I do?
    It's very hard to play against 16 teams managed by one manager!!!!

  • @Claudio-Pippa Hi mate

    You can Report a Cheater through system. The option Report a Cheater you have on the manager profile.

  • English Moderator

    @Claudio-Pippa Hello mate and welcome to the World forum. 🙂
    Please visit the OSM profile page of the manager you suspect of cheating and click on the Cheat report button, as shown on the screen shot:
    Please make sure you'll provide evidents of your case with shots from your league's transfers and be sure you have activated your report when you'll get an email from us about it.
    P.S. All reports take at least 72 h to be reviewed and handled, so please be patient about it.
    Thank you in advance. :handshake_tone2:


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