• Portuguese Users

    Hello fellas.

    So my problem is that I am on a Premier League, training Arsenal.
    As usually I was studying my adversaries transfers and I have noticed that he was buying players cheaper than they are.

    For example, he bought Sterling, who values 24 Million "Dollars" or wtv for ONLY 18 Million.
    He also bought De Bruyne, who values 23 Million "Dollars" for ONLY 17 Million.
    And he ALSO bought Coutinho (from Liverpool) who values 22 Million "Dollars" for ONLY 16 Million.
    His main account is on Manchester City, but he has 2 more accounts 1 on Liverpool and the other one on Manchester City.
    I have already reported him as a Multi Account Cheater but I need some help here, cuz this things take some time to end, and I want this guy banned asap. His name is "Mestre Mosca" from Portugal.Plz Help me!

  • English Moderator

    Mate, cheating is NOT to be discussed on an open forum. You already reported the manager, so you should wait till our staff member, take care your report.