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    I posted about this recently. Before, one could buy players with the club funds, sometimes raised by selling your own players. However, it now appears that whether you have 4 million or 40 million when you go to buy a player all your money gets used up? They now ask for different amounts of boss coins? This cannot be right can it. So at start of season I sell those players surplus to requirements, I get cash back. But then I can only buy one player regardless of how much money the club has, as it now takes all your money in one go and adjusts the number of boss coins you need to buy. Can't see the point. You sell 4 players, but you can only buy one, all your money gets used up and you have to pay boss coins as well.

    Is this the way the game is now to be played?? Why can we not have the club funds first to buy players then adjust an appropriate level of boss coins, not the other way around. That way you always have money to buy and can plan ahead for new players by selling more players and taking the right number of boss coins?

    Please tell me this is a bug.

    If anyone knows what's going on and why, please post. The game is just not the same anymore.

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    Hi @Don-Joselito,
    Just to be clear, when you want to buy a player from the transfer list you will have to pay only the amount the player is worth plus 1 coin (I. E. If you have 5M and a player cost 4M then you'll pay 4M plus 1 coin and have a balance of 1M left on your club fund). But if you play in a league where 'club fund compensation' is enabled so when you are short of club fund for a player the system converts the amount remaining to complete the transfer to boss coins which you have to confirm if you wish to cover the remaining amount with boss coins. Also when you want to buy a player off the scout, you'll be charged the amount for the player plus 15 coins but if you don't have up to the amount then you can use coins to cover up in league's where 'club fund compensation' is enabled (I. E. You pay 15 coins for the player then you'll also pay coins depending on the amount remaining to balance up).

    But if this isn't the case you can report it as a bug using the template.

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    Hi King_Jamiu_10,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I must admit I have never heard of, league where 'club fund compensation' is enabled. Now that you've said that, how does one know if the league is enabled? Who enables it? and how can you check this out?

    Specially when you look for a league to compete in at end of season? I noticed with this league am currently in, at first boss coins were asked for in a small amount but greater than 1 apart from goalkeepers, but with the right level of money to buy the player. However, now, it picks up what cash balance you have and like you said it adjusts the level of boss coins needed to complete the purchase. Odd thing, it wasn't like that when I entered the league at the very beginning.

    Any views would be welcome as am a bit confused for reasons mentioned above.

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    Managers who create their own league or continue their created league for another season have the possibility to set clubfunds compensation on or off for their league. this feature is part of the league tools when you are the moderator of your league. There is only one way to see if this feature is on and that is by trying to buy a player that cost more clubfunds than you have on hand.

    Lets say you want to buy a player that cost 20 million clubfunds and you have only 10 million clubfunds on hand. If you try to buy the player you will get a notification that you can buy that player for the 10 million clubfunds you have on hand and an x number of Bosscoins.

    Standard number of Bosscoins for transferlist is 1 Bosscoin and for scout 15 Bosscoins. If you need to pay more Bosscoins then those 2 figures then you are trying to buy a player that is more expensive then the amount of clubfunds you have on hand and can thus use the clubfunds compensation feature to buy that player with extra Bosscoins. The amount of extra Bosscoins you have to pay depends on how big the difference is between the cost of the player and the amount of clubfunds you have on hand. The bigger this difference is, the more extra Bosscoins you have to pay to buy that player.

    If clubfunds compensation is not availible in your league, then you will not be able to buy a player that is more expensive then the amount of clubfunds you have on hand.

    I hope this makes it a bit more clear for you?

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    Thanks for such a good reply, much appreciated. I will look out for this feature before committing to a new league.

  • Thanks Eddie, since this is clear now the topic can be closed.