• English Users

    Can someone explain, why my manager points never seem to go up. For some reason there are four club slots? The manger points varies within each club slot. When you look at the club slots say a few weeks ahead, the manger points seems to go down. I used to have well over 40,000 points over a few years ago but now they never reach 40,000 points. You accumulate points in a club slot, but then they seem to gradually disappear. That can't be right. Surely, there must come a point beyond which you no longer loose points. If you play regularly those points you've earned should stay part of your overall points. If it means transferring your club slot points to one club slot that would be good, so long as you can retain your manager points.

    Any views on this would be welcome, so that I can hopefully I can retain my manager points. Otherwise, one can never raise ones' ranking?

  • English Moderator

    Only recent earned manager points count for your ranking...i think you know that...from my experience you have to earn, same or more manager points, the same period as last 3 months ago or same period as 6 months ago, etc, if you want to stay at the same or in better ranking, as you used to be...