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    I have question about my transfer but I can not reply My last topic, Im sorry I have to write another one. If I change my players transfer value every time I see other player is cheaper on transferlist, is it have any affect to my player sold time? Btw I already sell my player cheaper and still younger rather than other team players but their players sold,my players not. Have any solution to My problem?Thankyou

  • Ok,you must know that transfers are totally random so it doesn t affect your selling rate.

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    So nothing wrong or error with my account?

  • @Baroon-The-Racoon Hello Baroon - you wild Racoon - and welcome to the OSM adventures and World forum . 🙂

    First of all , you don't have to be sorry for opening a new topic mate. In fact this is exactly what you must do until you get all the right answers and feel confident to continue with your game. :ok_hand_tone2:

    Now about the transfers, as our mate Xristos - aka @DE XRIST - has already mentioned to you on your first topic , they are entirely random my friend. And if you want my opinion about it: during the first days of any league you should always try to place 4 players on the transferlist for each round and be sure you sell them on their maximum prices ( x 2,5 their starting price ) , otherwise you risk of losing valuable profits for your Club funds. 😉
    All you have to do is be patient and wait for your turn to sell players.

    " So nothing wrong or error with my account?"

    Nope. Everything is good with your account Baroon. Only if every human manager of the same league stops selling any player for more than one round , then you could suspect a possible bug on the transfers . In any other case all is good and normal. 😉