Transferlist and OSM Engine

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm using the transfer engine (like everybody else), but I'm not really used with it. I would like to know if there is a 'best way' to use it?
    At this moment I just buy and sell them around 2x - 2,5x if anybody is very familiar with the engine please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

  • Dutch Users

    Every player under 11 million max value should get listed for max price but I don't know what to do with players that are more expensive.

  • @Thomass1025_NL

    Sell them with lower price 馃槃

  • Dutch Users

    @Defensinho I always have the feeling that they won't sell anyways, I tried to sell a 22 million player for 30 million and he just didn't go. After 3 days I decided to keep him.

  • @Thomass1025_NL

    Yes...they sells much harder... but the sells, trust me 馃槈 You should keep him on the transfer list 馃檪

  • Spanish Users

    I'm selling two 90 rated players, 24 yrs old and 25 yrs at 25 Million it has been there for 3 days and I can't sell them!

  • Well i always put them at higher price and always sell them ;).

  • I also put the on higher price price and they sell.

  • German Users

    i think the players are sold faster if more players are in the league, if you are alone in a league or just with 1-2 players it takes longer to sell them. and the best think ist, in my opinion, to sell players under 10mill max value for the max price and all other players i sell for 80-85% of the max value (or i just leave 1cm from the right side of the regulation bar, its nearly the same) . And players rated 90+ i sell with 75-80% of the max value (or 2-3cm from the right side of the reg bar.

    for example:
    player rating 91
    worth 15,07M
    max value 37,7M
    bought for 22M
    i would put on transferlist for 29-30M

    the faster you sell a player, the faster you can buy+sell new players to get money faster. dont sell your players too expensive.

    this works good for me to make fast money and sell at least 4 players every day. If anyone knows a better and faster way, pls tell me 馃槂

    gl & hf

  • Players on the transferlist till 13M are easier and quicker to be bought by the engine. However, here is were the "realistic" factor kicks in. Listing a player on the market for his actual value would sell quicker in lieu of a listed player for 2,5 times his value. Make sense; if I can get an apple for $1,- dollar at supermarket A, I will not buy a similar apple at supermarket B for $2,50. Especially when the quality is not any different.

    Players on the transferlist above 13M, those will be bought by the engine less frequent. Even more less when the asking price is twice the value.

    This is all I know on this matter. No idea if the engine has been adjusted again ;).

  • Portuguese Users

    what's the transfer engine?

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