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    I downloaded MOBILE STRIKE from PersonalY from the Business Club. This is what it stated, "Mobile Strike
    +720 Boss Coins
    Become an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new game of modern war - Mobile Strike!

    Guidelines: Boss Coins are awarded when you Install, open and reach Headquarters (Main Building) level 10, Boss Coins will not be awarded unless you have a level 10 Headquarters (Main Building). Android 5.0+ only, Must be new to the game.

    I achieved Level 10 more than a day ago BUT still have not received the 720 Boss Coins.

    Can anything be done so that I can get the 720 coins??

    Any comments on this would be helpful.

    Many thanks.

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    Hello mate,
    for promotions offers you have to contact the company that offers them...they are responsible for any offer the advertise..