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    I downloaded MOBILE STRIKE from PersonalY from the Business Club. This is what it stated, "Mobile Strike
    +720 Boss Coins
    Become an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new game of modern war - Mobile Strike!

    Guidelines: Boss Coins are awarded when you Install, open and reach Headquarters (Main Building) level 10, Boss Coins will not be awarded unless you have a level 10 Headquarters (Main Building). Android 5.0+ only, Must be new to the game.

    I achieved Level 10 more than a day ago BUT still have not received the 720 Boss Coins.

    Can anything be done so that I can get the 720 coins??

    Any comments on this would be helpful.

    The previous post has now been locked. I was advised to contact the offer provider. The only email they provide is when you provide your email address so that they can send you further offers. However, when you reply to that email, as it's the only one, you get an undeliverable error message. Any views on how one can contact the offer provider??

    Many thanks.

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