can i manage more than one team ?

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    can anyone tell me how do i add another team on my account? Thanks

  • @DealWithME

    Hello Heisenberg and welcome to OSM and our forums . ☺

    I will deal with you mate and the answer to your question is :
    Yes , you have 4 Slots on your account and you will be able to use them to play in 4 different leagues.
    But as you can see from your own profile you need to be patient for a few days.
    link text
    For the protection of any fresh signed manager on OSM there is a safety period that only Slot 1 opens and is ready for the manager to choose a team and league to play with.
    In 3 days from now your Slot 1 will be unlocked and then you can again choose a second team .
    In 48 days from now all 4 of your Slots will be available and activated for you.
    This gives you the chance to get familiar with the game's features and earn some experience first.

  • Thanks Sofie!